IMPORTANT: Airsoft guns cannot be sold to minors. All airsoft guns will be shipped with an adult signature requirement at delivery. In most states, the age is 18, but in several states, including CA, IL, MA, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NY, PA and Washington DC require a 21+ age signature, with an ID required upon UPS delivery. We do NOT ship to zip codes included within the city limits of Chicago Illinois.  It is the responsibility of the customer to know their state's laws and regulations regarding shipping of airsoft guns/equipment.  

Where we will ship

SS Airsoft currently ships only to the lower 48 states. We hope to expand this in the future to include remote states and territories as well as international shipping, so keep checking back!  

When we will ship your order

We strive to ship all orders within 3 business days. Some products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and will be shipped according to their respective shipping policies. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. We do not ship on holidays or weekends. It is your responsibility to understand how these policies affect weekend and holiday deliveries. In rare circumstances, a product that was in-stock at the time of your order may become out of stock before the order is shipped. Should this occur, we will notify you by email with an estimated date that the product will be shipped.  Some products are being shipped directly from manufacturer and may take a few more days to arrive as we cannot carry everything in our warehouse.

Problems that could delay your shipment

USPS is experiencing shipping delays & also is NOT scanning all packages. If your product has a tracking number, it has been shipped! Please be patient. 

Also, credit card companies will decline a transaction if the billing and shipping address do not match. If at all possible, have products shipped to the billing address to avoid delays. You can also call your credit card company (the phone number is generally on the back of the card) and authorize them to accept your transactions when a mis-match occurs. As mentioned at the top of this notice, all guns require an adult signature upon arrival, or the shipper cannot leave the package. Please make sure there will be an adult available to sign for the package when it arrives. After several attempts at delivering the package, the shipper will return it to us. If the package has to be shipped a second time, you are responsible for the additional shipping charges. It's up to YOU to know the laws in your state, county and city and to fully comply with them.


Shipping Damage:
In the unfortunate case that an order should arrive with shipping damage we require that the damage be reported to us within 5 business days of delivery. We will gladly assist you by filing a claim with the shipping company for the damages caused. All original shipping and product packaging must be kept intact for the shipping company to complete the claims process. When contacting us we request that you send a detailed description on how you received the package along with as many detailed photographs as possible. This information helps us better represent the claim to the shipping company and will greatly reduce the time to process any refunds or replacements. We understand that these situations can be frustrating and apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused. We will do our best to make sure that your shipping claim is handled correctly and that a replacement be shipped out as soon as possible.

Lost Packages:
If you believe that your package has been lost by the shipping company please notify the shipping company and us immediately. If the tracking information shows that the package has been delivered we must be notified within 5 business days so that we can notify the shipping company. SS AIRSOFT recognizes carrier tracking information stating packages were delivered to the address provided by the customer as proof they were delivered. Packages that have been signed for can not be reported as lost as the signature obtained at the delivery address is proof of delivery. Packages that are redirected by the customer are solely the responsibility of the customer and are not eligible for claims coverage in any way by SS AIRSOFT. Lastly, while we understand that mail theft is an issue in some areas we cannot be held responsible for packages that are stolen if tracking information states the package was delivered to the address provided by the customer.

Misdelivered Packages:

Packages that are shipped to a different or wrong address due to an incorrect address being provided by the customer at checkout are not eligible for a refund of any kind. We may attempt to contact you if we believe that the address you provided may be incomplete or invalid, however, it is the customer's responsibility to provide an accurate address to avoid complications. If we are unable to contact you in a timely manner by phone or email we may ship your order to fulfill our shipping method deadlines. If you believe your package may be going to a different address than the one you provided us on your order you can attempt to contact the carrier and request that the package be rerouted to a local pickup location such as a post office or UPS/FedEx pickup location. Please note that these services are provided by the carrier and may incur additional fees. 

Stolen Packages:
If you believe that your package has been stolen please notify your local law enforcement immediately.  if you believe your package was stolen we can help to assist you in filing any applicable U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Theft Complaints as tampering with mail is a federal offense. Please be advised as part of either process an official USPS Postal Investigator or UPS/Fedex Claims Agent may attempt to contact you, in person, via phone, or online to further investigate your claims. If you believe you were the victim of mail theft and have filed a police report please send us the Police Report Number so we can include it in the USPS theft investigation. Lastly, while we understand that mail theft is an issue in some areas, we cannot be held responsible for packages that are stolen if tracking information states the package was delivered to the address provided by the customer. If you are concerned that your area may be unsafe to accept deliveries, we encourage you to have packages delivered to secure pickup locations such as a UPS or FedEx store.

Missing Items:
If items are missing from your package this must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt of the package so that we can look into the issue. If you believe the missing items may be due to packaging damages in transit please following the steps listed in the "Shipping Damage" section.

Defective Products:

Defective products are subject to a manufacturer's warranty must be handled under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.  Please read the terms carefully and follow their procedures. Please send back to manufacture for repairs. The warranty period for these products is determined by the manufacturer.

SS Airsoft does not provide a warranty on products without a manufacturer’s warranty, unless explicitly stated.  Warranties are not available for any Special Sale or Closeout products.  Items received free or as part of a package sale may not be returned individually unless the entire package is returned at the discounted or package price


All returns are subject to inspection by our returns department before being processed.  Products must be in original packaging with all original accessories and be in new, functioning condition. Returns that are missing the factory packaging, are not returned in new condition, opened or used consumables, or show signs of abuse may not be returned or are be subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee.

We do not cover nor refund the costs of returned shipping to us


More Details About RETURNS & WARRANTY

We Want Happy Customers and YOU can help!

The policies and procedures for returns are documented below this section. What you’ll find there is the “black and white” or the “small print” detail that we have to post to protect ourselves, which doesn’t serve well to describe our overall philosophy about customer service, and the experiences we’ve had in our own retail locations over the years. That philosophy is that above all, we want happy customers. That said, there are many times that this is all but impossible to do on our own. It takes a customer that wants to be happy to make this happen.


To make this easier to understand, let us provide a couple of examples based on a frequently recurring issue in our retail store:

Example 1: A customer purchases a brand new high performance AEG of high quality, in other words, not cheap, for their teen-age son or daughter. We give them all of the guidelines for maintenance, cleaning, BBs that should be used, BBs that shouldn’t be used (and why), battery charging guidelines, etc. Two weeks later, the customer and gun comes back with issues in the gearbox. Our tech opens up the gun to make sure it’s a warranty issue and finds chards from Big Box or dollar type store BBs that we specifically warned the customer not to use. It’s not hard to spot, they candy-colored chips of plastic….. Do you know how many times a customer will, with a straight face, swear that they didn’t use any cheap ammo and that we must have put that stuff in their gear box back in the tech room? Sadly, too many.

Example 2 On more than one occasion, our gun techs have found dirt, and even pebbles in the works from customers that fail to heed our warnings about re-using BBs. The manufacturer simply will not honor warranties on guns that have been abused in this manner, and neither can we. Please, do not try to re-use BB’s. Example 3 Another frequent example is battery over-charging. Customers often bring us guns for warranty repair that we find to have bad batteries. While we try to sell a smart charger with every AEG and explain why it’s important to every customer, many refuse our attempt as an unnecessary “upsell”, take the gun home, and proceed to leave the battery attached to the “dumb” charger whenever it’s not in use, which destroys the battery and in some instances can even cause a fire.

We, nor the manufacturers, can sustain our businesses and offer competitive prices by replacing merchandise that is abused and misused. This is why you don’t see any “no questions asked” return policies from any of the major online vendors or brick and mortar airsoft stores. Our bottom line promise to you is to work with you in good faith to resolve any problems you have with purchases made through our store, just like we do in our brick and mortar store. We ask that in turn, you work with us in good faith to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.


Everyone makes mistakes, and we intend to accept responsibility and make it right when we do mess up. If we ship you the wrong product, or miss something causing a second shipment, we’ll cover the shipping expenses and apply a $10 credit to your account. If a product arrives broken, notify us within 24 hours of arrival (based on the tracking number) and we’ll pay for shipping it back, as well as replacement item shipping. Ground shipping will be used.

The SS Airsoft Online Store 48 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee!

With a few exceptions, listed below, if what you ordered arrives and isn’t what you expected, you may request a return authorization number within 48 hrs. of receipt (delivery is based on your tracking number) of that item as long as it is returned unopened and in new, undamaged condition. If the return is a result of a mistake we made, we will pay return shipping. If we shipped the correct product, but it simply isn’t what you expected, you will pay shipping, and be offered the option of a full store credit for the amount spent, or a refund of the sale price, less a 25% restocking fee. Shipping costs are not creditable or refundable. Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Consumables such as Green Gas, BBs, batteries, CO2, etc.
  • Damaged items (items damaged during shipping must be reported within 24 hours of receipt)
  • Promotional or “free” items carry no warranty
  • Items that have been opened or used
  • Clothing that has been worn, beyond simply trying the article on for fitting. (give us a call if it’s simply a size issue and we’ll work something out)



Please note that the return policy for online purchases may differ from our retail store location. Returned items that are not clearly identified with an RMA number issued by SS Airsoft Online will be returned to sender.


Defective products will carry the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. Products that offer no manufacturer’s warranty will be warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 15 days by the SS Airsoft Online Store, with a few exceptions, noted below. Items not covered by our warranty:

  • Batteries
  • Stock battery chargers bundled with guns (we STRONGLY recommend the purchase of a smart charger!)

The SSA Online Store reserves the right to choose to repair, replace, or issue a credit for products returned under our warranty.




Most manufacturers prefer to handle their own warranty claims. Contact them first! This is generally a good thing as these manufacturers tend to be very interested in examining warrantied products to help with future product improvements. We will inform you if this is the case with your product when you request you’re RMA, and strive to keep the product information displayed before purchase current in this regard. Ultimately, we want you to be a happy customer and will be happy to assist in this process in any way we can should problems arise, such as proof of purchase or shipping dates. We often have a different avenue of contact into the manufacturers that may allow us to help if you have a problem, but the manufacturer will have the final word in handling their own warranty claims.


Some manufacturers prefer for us to handle the returns, receiving and evaluating product before returning it to the manufacture. When you request your RMA, we will inform you if the product should be shipped back to us, or sent directly to the manufacturer. Manufacturers that work this way tend to be those that get a lot of “working” returns or items that should or could have been user-serviced as described here: link to page with troubleshooting (this link will be live soon!) For warranty claims that we handle on behalf of a manufacturer, your product should be shipped back to the SSA Online Store according to the SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS included below, ONLY AFTER receiving an RMA number from SSA Online.


To returns any item to the SSA Online Store, you MUST have a valid RMA number, issued by us. We provide 7 calendar days of warranty coverage for any item without a manufacturer’s warranty. The 15 day coverage period begins on the day that the shipping tracking number shows that the order has been delivered. Buyers must contact us within 7 days of that delivery date to be eligible for an item to be returned. Remember, ALL ITEMS RETURNED MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH AN RMA NUMBER ISSUED BY SSA ONLINE STORE. SUMMARY OF CONDITIONS FOR RETURNING PRODUCT TO THE SSA ONLINE STORE Whether it’s for a warranty claim, product swap-out, size issue or our mistake. The following conditions apply to all returns: Items must be returned with original packaging and ALL included parts and accessories. For example, an AEG that included a battery will not be credited if the battery is not returned with the gun. A pistol that included an extra mag cannot be returned with just one. An accessory that included a special tool for adjustment cannot be returned without the special tool….you get the idea.

  • Original packaging must be included with the returned item.
  • PHYSICALLY DAMAGED OR ABUSED ITEMS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN (UNLESS DAMAGED DURING SHIPMENT) For example, if you drop your new gun on a rock during your first weekend of play and break it, this is not considered a warranty claim.
    • Gun warranties are voided if low quality ammunition is run through them (we can tell). What is considered low quality ammo? The cheap BB’s sold through big box stores, national sporting goods retailers and even some dollar-type stores, including brands such as: AirStrike USA, Beeman, Crossman, CyberGun, CyberGun SA, FirePower, Flying Colors, Garno and similar. If they’re lightweight and colored like candy, you can be 100% sure they are wrong for your electric AEG.
    • Water or moisture damage (rust, corrosion, etc) is considered abuse and will void your warranty
    • Running an electric gun with a higher voltage battery than suggested by the manufacturer is considered abuse and will void your warranty o Improper adjustment (by you) is considered abuse and will void your warranty See here: link to page with troubleshooting (this link will be live soon!)
    • Improper maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, etc) is considered abuse and will void your warranty
  • Items customized by you are not eligible for return. Items customized by us before sale will carry a warranty documented within the product detail information, or 15 days of warranty coverage as stated here. o Guns must have the original red tip intact o Panting or modifying the finish is considered modification and will void your warranty.
  • You are responsible for shipping charges for returned items (unless it was due to our mistake). Pack items to be returned well, insure your shipment, and hold onto your tracking code. SSA Online does not take responsibility for items that get lost in shipping. • If a returned item is found to be damaged due to misuse or abuse, we will return that item to you, with you paying shipping. You will have 15 days to provide for shipping charges. If you have not arranged shipping by then, the item will be disposed of.
  • If you refuse delivery for an item and it is returned via our shipper, you have the following options:
    • Pay for repeat shipping or Incur a 20% restocking fee and lose the original shipping cost
    • Refund of the remaining 80% is only available in the form of a store credit.
    • We’re not trying to be mean with the above policy, but if you have buyer’s remorse after ordering something, we would rather you accept it and sell it on Craig’s List, then put it back on us.


  1. Request an RMA number, by emailing us at or calling: 1-877-714-6001
  2. Gather all original parts and accessories that came with the product and return it to its original packaging. any missing parts will stop the return immediately.
  3. Package the item securely for return shipping (we are not responsible for damage that occurs in shipping products for returns)
  4. Clearly label the package with the RMA number you were given. We will not accept packages without an RMA number on them.
  5. Ship the package through a service that will provide you with a tracking number. We are not responsible for packages lost in shipping.