Nerf Party Atlanta

Are you looking for the best Nerf Party Atlanta? An Airsoft party is packed with fun, strategy and is always a crowd-pleaser. Here's why you should hold your next gathering at SS Airsoft.

Expansive Facility

We offer 24,000 square feet that offer endless room for your nerf party Atlanta. We can host up to 200 people and have a special Bomb Shelter room for smaller groups. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, reunion, or team-building exercise, we deliver a quality experience with ample space. Contact our staff to learn more about what to expect and what we offer.

Incredible Photo Ops

A Hollywood pro helped design our facility, and it shows. Choose your photo op from tanker to movie-quality combat zones. It looks like the real thing.
Realistic Combat Zones

Our SS Airsoft arena offers the most realistic combat situation facility in the industry. When you combine the talent of a Hollywood set designer with the vision of avid Airsoft players, you get SS Airsoft's state-of-the-art arena.

Unique Fun

Birthdays should be fun, unique, and customized to the guest of honor. Instead of celebrating with the status quo, a nerf party Atlanta sets the stage for an incredible event. SS Airsoft offers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

No Stress

Get out of the house and intense planning process and host your next nerf party Atlanta at SS Airsoft instead. Our staff can handle the details, equipment, and action-packed backdrop. You show up, have a blast, and leave all the details and clean-up to us.

Expert Staff

Our expert staff are Airsoft enthusiasts and pros. We're committed to helping you grow your skill and love of the sport, as well as have an incredible time while doing it. Our staff can offer tips, resources, and information to take your Airsoft skills to new levels.

Ready to plan your next nerf party Atlanta at SS Airsoft? Contact our staff today. You can also read our "Guide for beginners" here...