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The M93RII is a weapon that is known for its unique capabilities that other full sized handguns cannot provide. The KWA M93RII features a select fire switch that allows the weapon to ?re in three round burst or semiautomatic

modes giving the weapon the flexibility to adapt to many combat situations. A folding front grip provides the operator increased control while operating on full auto and three round burst modes. The full metal construction of the

weapon increases rigidity and durability, while the updated NS2 system provides reliable outstanding performance. The KWA M93R II provides the shooter massive amounts of firepower while maintaining a pistol frame.




Metal frame and slide

Semi-Auto and 3-Round Burst Firing Modes

Integrated Steel Front Flip-down Handle / Grip

Realistic Construction and Field Stripping

Uses KWA’s renowned NS2 Gas System


Dimensions: 253mm x 175mm

Weight: 1060g

Muzzle Velocit y: 340~350 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs and Green Gas)

Inner Barrel: 125mm

Magazine: 32rd Exte nded M93R Magazine included

Gas Type: Green Gas

Fire Modes: Semi-Aut o, 3-Round Burst, Safe

Package Includes: Gun, 32rd Extended Maga zine

Manufacturer: KWA