Krytac Trident MK2 PDW


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Billet Style Receiver
Billet style receivers provide modern design while providing additional strength and durability. The MKII receivers were redesigned with enhancements such as an enlarged trigger guard for gloved hands and an flared magwell for faster reloading.
PDW Front End
The KRYTAC Trident MKII PDW comes with the TR105 handguard licensed by DEFIANCE. This 5 inch rail provides a slim comfortable grip that can be enhanced with KRYTAC Keymod rail sections and accessories.
Ambi Selector
All KRYTAC AEGs feature an ambidextrous selector switch that can easily be operated by either right or left handed users.
CMC trigger
The officially licensed flat blade trigger by CMC Triggers provides both a modern style while improving trigger response and sensitivity.

An onboard MOSFET built into the Nautilus Gearbox regulates battery current to protect the trigger contacts. This system helps ensure the longevity of the gearbox while providing consistent performance with various battery types.

Padded Cylinder Head
The padded cylinder head helps soften and absorb the shock transferred to the gearbox while in use, it also provides proper angle of engagement between the piston and sector gear.

Reinforced Piston
The KRYTAC Reinforced Piston is both strong and lightweight, durable to handle the high cyclic rate of the Nautilus Gearbox and light to conserve energy.

Rotary Hop Unit
The KRYTAC Rotary Hop-Up unit is designed to optimize the range and accuracy of your AEG. The rotary adjustment wheel is precise and definitive, each click position is numbered with a tactile and audible feedback when adjusting.

Easy Spring Change
The Nautilus Gearbox features an easy spring change that does not require the full disassembly of the gearbox.