H&K G36Comp


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The Umarex HK G36C AEG combines solid design, great external build quality, and robust internals to create an affordable and competitive airsoft rifle that isn’t your regular old M4.

The HK G36C is a Competition Series gun made for the serious airsoft enthusiast. The original G36C from Heckler and Koch was designed as a high performance rifle with light weight and versatility in mind. This replica certainly lives up to its real counterpart, featuring a solid polymer body that helps to keep this rifle lightweight and affordable. The high quality composite body holds up to rugged conditions, and the high 400-shot capacity magazine allows you to shoot for a long time between reloads. This is an authentic, licensed HK replica of the real G36C rifle. The adjustable rear sight allows for precise aiming, and the adjustible hop-up system lets you fine tune your targeting. A foldable stock makes transport easy, and allows you to transform the gun from a full length rifle to a more compact version. Shoot at 1000 rounds per minute! This rifle has been used extensively in milsim and tactical training scenarios where realism is of the utmost importance. Internally, this rifle sports a Version 3 gearbox that makes it compatible with the overwhelming majority of upgrades and replacement parts available on the market.



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