Echo1 RedStar AK BOLT


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Perfect AK for CQB and Field Action
With the BoltÂ’s integrated rail system you can attach your favorite accessories such as lights, lasers, fore grips and more. With the RedStar BoltÂ’s short length you can maneuver through close quarters without being seen by other players.
Indoor Field Ready with 350 FPS out of the box
Want to play at indoor fields and donÂ’t want to waste time changing springs or modifying your gun? Well no problem because the Bolt is perfectly set for 350 FPS. The Bolt is also capable of taking an M120 spring for increased range and FPS for an outdoor field setting. The re-enforced internals can handle a lipo, to withstand increased rate of fire.

Multi Adjustable AK Crane Stock
Adjust your stock to any preferred setting. Whether you want perfect accuracy or get through tight corners you can easily adjust your stock. Aftermarket stocks can be installed to give you a different look and feel.

2x Magazines For Every Player, Each Capable of Holding 550 Rounds
DonÂ’t settle for just one magazine, because with the Bolt you get two magazines. Out of the box you will receive two magazines each capable of holding 550 rounds for a combined 1100 round capacity. With the Bolts universal magazine catch you can use an Echo1 AK Fast mags, Waffle type mags and even drum magazines.
Mount Attachment for All Your Favorite Accessories
On the left size of the RedStar Bolt you can attach any AK mount for your desired sight or scope.

Upgradedable Battery Compartment for Maximum Power
When it comes to AK style AEGs battery space is always a problem. However, with the Bolt you have space to upgrade from a regular battery to a full length 12v stick battery. With the rails inner open space, you can install the longest stick battery for maximum power.


· Model Number: JP-80
· FPS (Feet Per Second): 350
· Weight: 6.5lbs
· Features: Compact Metal AK
· Product Support: 30 day limited warranty
· Inner Barrel Length: 247mm
· Overall Length: 26.5 /29.5 in
· Barrel Caliber: 6.06mm
· Magazines Included: 2
· Magazine Capacity: 550 rounds
· Magazine Type: High Capacity
· Recommended BB: .20g or Higher
· Power source: Battery
· Battery and charger included: Yes

· Bearing Size: 7mm Steel Bearing
· Body type: Metal
· Gearbox Reinforced: Yes
· Gearbox Type: Version 3 / 7mm
· Motor Type: Mid-Torque Short Motor
· Sights included: Front and Rear Adjustable




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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 13 × 4 in