CQB Russian HPA Valve-TM


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CQB Russian HPA Valve for Tokyo Marui Airsoft Rifle & Pistol Green Gas Magazines_x000D_
Green gas is tried and true, but there are plenty of situations where you might need something else. Maybe you want more kick, but can’t run CO2, or you are really itching to take out your GBBR but it’s freezing cold outside. It’s those moments where HPA shines. The CQB Russian HPA adapter is perfect for situations where running green gas is less than ideal. With minimal work, and a little getting used to, an HPA setup for your GBB rifle or pistol can provide extremely smooth consistency, accuracy, ease of cleaning, and the opportunity to play in situations where green gas can’t._x000D_
CNC machined from billet aluminum_x000D_
Compatible with QD HPA connectors_x000D_
Teflon tape recommended for optimal seal_x000D_
Application: Replaces the standard green gas valve with a QD connector for HPA tanks_x000D_
Compatibility: For Tokyo Marui (TM) and other compatible Airsoft green gas magazines. (NOT compatible with KWA / KSC magazines)_x000D_
Material: Aluminum_x000D_
Manufacturer: CQB Russian

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