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The M60 Machine gun has seen service with the United states Military since 1957 and is most famous for its use by G.I.s in the Vietnam War. Since that time it has been adapted for use all over the world with countries like Australia, Columbia, Taiwan, and South Korea. Although there are numerous newer designs that are in use with the military the M60 has seen combat in the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The MK43 has been modified from the original M60 design in order to update its capabilities for modern combat. The standard hand guard and receiver cover of the M60 has been replaced with a vertical fore grip hand guard. In addition the barrel has been shortened and the bi-pod has been attached to the receiver for more stability.

The A&K MK43 is an excellent example of A&K’s ability to step up and put together a great gun. It is built almost entirely out of metal and A&K added to the realism with their auto winding magazine that only turns on when the trigger is pulled. Another great touch added to this gun is the rate of fire controller, this gun can be adjusted to shoot anywhere from 12-20 BBs per second. This M60 is an excellent addition for collectors or anyone looking for a support machine gun.


Manufacturer: A&K
Muzzle Velocity: 365-380 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 4000 rounds
Package Includes: Gun, magazine, manual