Tactical Gear
SSairsoft.com offers a wide variety of tactical gear so you’re geared up for any airsoft event. We have vests, plate carriers, belts, clothing, pads, pouches, and harnesses for protection and additional equipment storage from top manufacturers. We also have gear bags and gun cases ..

Tactical Gear in an Airsoft Event
At an event, Tactical gear is just as crucial as your airsoft guns.

When it comes to vests, you need to find something that is comfortable and also has extra storage for all of your equipment..

Plate carriers are especially effective for close quarters combat in an airsoft event. Most plate carriers are also have MOLLE webbing to allow magazine, general purpose, medical, grenade, radio, and other pouches to be easily attached to increase your tactical advantage.

A holster is a requirement for a sidearm. The important thing to remember about your holster is that you need to be able to reach your sidearm quickly and easily while still keeping the sidearm secure under stressful environments or transportation.

You’ll also need a gun sling for your main rifle. This creates an easier carry and a quicker draw while shooting.

Many airsoft players forget about something very basic: protecting their hands. That’s exactly what tactical gloves are for. They allow for a full range of movement and many are also armored for additional protection. It’s up to each individual player as to whether to use full or fingerless gloves.

Your clothing needs to work with the location and surroundings in which you’ll be immersed. You have to choose whether you’re going to need camouflage. If so, what kind of camo will you need? If you’re running night ops, you need to be able to dress for that as well. At any airsoft event, the first priority should be safety. You’ll need to decide if you want clothing with padding built in or separate pieces for your padding.

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