Do you need help figuring out which BBs your airsoft gun needs? Here are a few guidelines to help:

· Heavier BBs are recommended for more powerful airsoft guns to increase accuracy.
· Metal gear AEGs should use .20 gram BBs or heavier, high polish, competition grade BBs.
· Bolt action snipers should use .25 gram BBs or higher for higher accuracy.
· Greater BB weight increases airsoft gun accuracy but lowers velocity.
· Less expensive guns ($50 or less range) generally use .12 gram BBs
· 0.20g BBs are an all around good choice for the majority of airsoft guns that shoot in the 250-370 FPS range. They are also the most economical choice.
· 0.25g BBs are normally more accurate than 0.20g BBs but they don’t shoot quite as far. We recommend these for airsoft guns that shoot in the 350-425 FPS range.
· 0.30g BBs are an excellent choice for Sniper Rifles that chrono over 425 FPS. They perform much better over long distances and are less affected by wind due to the heavier weight.
· Biodegradable BBs, also called Bio BBs, are a great green alternative for your airsoft gun. They are made out of a specially compressed biodegradable fiber and then coated with resin that breaks down when it is exposed to the elements. They are also available in a variety of weights!

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